Mike Kelly won $55 on April 24, 2018

Early Bird Supply is the proud sponsor of the Morning Ca$h Quiz. Weekdays at 7:20, on the Z Rock Morning Show.

The first person to answer all 10 questions in 60 seconds, will win all the money!  We add $5 a day until we get a winner.  *Update: Mike Kelly won this round. He grabbed $55

Here are the questions revealed so far this round…

  1. In Star Wars, what planet is Princess Leia from? (Alderaan)
  2. Which US state is nicknamed the “Tar Heel” state? (North Carolina)
  3. What classic Rolling Stones song asks “How Come You Taste So Good?” (“Brown Sugar”)
  4. On the TV show Modern Family, what is Claire’s maiden name? (Pritchett)
  5. What is Harrison Ford’s character name in the “Indiana Jones” movies? (1st & last)  (Henry Jones)
  6. Name the 5 US States that require NO sales tax. (Oregon, Montana, Deleware, New Hampshire, and Alaska)
  7. Who was the host of “Hollywood Squares” from 1966-1981? (Peter Marshall)
  8. What 70’s sitcom character loved Milk & Pepsi? (Lavern)
  9. What were Lavern & Shirly’s last names on the show?  (Laverne DeFazio and Shirey Feeny)
  10. Name the actors who played Lenny & Squiggy on Lavern & Shirly.  (Michael McKean and David Lander)