Cellphones banned at Lake City High School after threats made via social media

A Coeur d’Alene school has banned students from using cellphones in response to two threats students received through social media.

As of Thursday, Lake City High School students will not be allowed to use personal electronic communication devices – including cell phones – during school hours until further notice.  Also, students will not be allowed to leave campus for lunch, as once they arrive on campus, they are not allowed to leave the building before 2:30 PM.  

A boy at the school received a threat on a social media account WednesdayOn Monday a girl at the school received a death threat via social media after refusing to send a nude photograph to an anonymous person.  The threat said the person would shoot the female at school if she didn’t comply.

Police are working with the FBI to solve the crimes, and Lake City High School administration is offering an $800 reward for information that leads to the identification of those involved.  (Spokesman-Review)

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