Justin Rowland Wins the Ca$h! (Local Business Questions)

Justin Rowland is the latest winner on the Morning Ca$h Quiz.  He is the fifth winner in a month.  Justin picked up $40 with his knowledge of local business. Here are the questions and answers.

Two gentlemen opened BoJacks in 1951. What were their first names?

Bob & Jack

What local appliance store has been family owned since 1930, and recently celebrated a grand re-opening?


The Fazzari brothers opened their Clarkston pizzeria in what year?


What corner store in Clarkston has been serving up prescriptions, milkshakes, hamburgers, and more since the early 1920’s.


Bill Haines started this business in 1926. His grandson Mike runs it today in beautiful, downtown Lewiston.  Name the store.

Diamond Shop

This local eatery sports a 54 Chevy on top of a 15-foot pedestal.

Wayback Café

The award winning Riverport Brewing features what two year-round IPA’s on tap? Seven Devils & Bullseye

Bruce Finch opened his first Valley restaurant in 1969 with his Dad. What was it?

Taco Time

What was the first full-service dining restaurant opened by Happy Day Restaurants?

Zany Graze

Once owned by Pat & Glenna McCoy, what local restaurant used to be where Fastsigns is now?

Mighty Potato