Ryan Horiza is the latest Ca$h Quiz winner! See the questions & answers

The Morning Ca$h Quiz – Sponsored by Early Bird Supply.

Ryan Horiza was a first-time winner on the Ca$h Quiz.

He scored $65.  Monday’s jackpot is at $30.

We add $5 a day until we have a winner.

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Here are the questions Ryan answered in 60 seconds:

  1. What was Jacqueline Kennedy’s maiden name? Bouvier


  1. On Gilligan’s Island, what state did the USS Minnow leave from, on the 3-hour tour? Hawaii


  1. Jim Henson combined which two words to come up with “Muppet?” Marionette and puppet


  1. What is the two-letter postal abbreviation for Virginia? VA


  1. What decade gave us the first ATM? 70’s


  1. The Columbia River flows into what body of water? Pacific Ocean


  1. Prior to the 1980’s, automaker NISSAN was known by what name? Datsun


  1. What comes between duke and earl in the ranking of British peers? Marquess


  1. Who was Charlie Brown’s sister? Sally


  1. What flavoring do we get from orchids? Vanilla